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GUIDED GROUP: Via Francigena WEEK 8

GUIDED GROUP: Via Francigena WEEK 8

From 760Euro per person


The surrounding countryside of Rome is covered in remarkable ruins from the Etruscans & the ancient Roman Empire, as it was the area most populous in those times. It is also dense with lush verdant forests & cascading waterfalls, papal palaces & thermal baths. You will pass through Viterbo, a town with an incredible history dating back to the Etruscans. Enjoy the thermal baths of Bagnaccio, explore the historic center (the largest medieval city center in Europe) and eat a plate of lombrichelli, the delicious pastas of the region. From there you will continue to the town of Vetralla, nestled in the volcanic Cimini mountains, with breathtaking views from the ancient city center. Then you’ll pass through dense woods, past ancient ruins & abandoned monasteries, before reaching the enchanting town of Sutri, with a remarkable amphitheater. Onwards past waterfalls & pristine forests until you reach the eternal city, Rome.

The best way to reach Montefiascone is by train from Viterbo (11 min). The Montefiascone train station lies outside the town center, however, which means you’ll either need to walk (36 min) or take a taxi (5 min) from the station to your hotel.

Waiting for you at your hotel will be all the material you need for your trip: hotel vouchers, a detailed description of the trail, the GPS maps, & the pilgrim’s “passport” (credenziale). You will also be told where to go to receive a benediction by a priest, should you desire one.


San Flaviano frescoes
The Pope palace in Viterbo
The Farnese palace in Caprarola
Madonna del parto in Sutri
The Monte Gelato waterfalls


We book  your accommodations

We will book double rooms with private bathrooms in 2* or 3* hotels, b&b or country Inns. and you will find the corresponding vouchers in your package

We transfer your luggage

Just leave it at the reception desk with your name tag and you will find it at your next accommodation.

We supply detailed route notes and maps

The route notes can be in English, Italian, French or German. All maps have GPS tracing.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    From Montefiascone to Rome
  • Included
    7 NIGHTS ( in 3 Star Accommodation )
    All breakfast ( dinners on demand )
    Emergency number 24/7
    Gps Files Available
    Luggage Transfer
    Pilgrim's "Credenziale" ( Stamp book )
    Road Book & Maps
  • Not Included
    11 NIGHTS ( in 3 Star Accommodation )
    2 Dinners
    5 Dinner package ( On Request )
    5 NIGHTS in 3-4 Stars Accommodation
    6 NIGHTS in 3* / 4* Accommodation
    8 NIGHTS in 3* / 4* Accommodation
    Wine Tasting in Umbria

Day 1 – Arrival in Montefiascone

You can reach Montefiascone by an hour train ride from Rome or from Viterbo. The town is famous for the local white wine “Est Est Est” .However in town there are many other important things worth seing. Do not miss the frescoes in the church of San Flaviano.

Day 2 – Montefiascone – Viterbo

The route unfolds along the Bolsena lake, with beautiful views of the lake which, being of volcanic origins is very deep. Near Viterbo you will pass the Bagnaccio thermal pools where it is fun to soak in milky-green steaming waters. Viterbo is a nice small town and offers insights into real Italian life style as it is away from any tourist circuits. Distance 18 km // Walking time: 4h

Day 3 – Viterbo – Caprarola

There is an official alternative route to the one in the plain. In the Middle Ages it was meant to avoid unsafe, marshy areas where Malaria was a real risk. The alternative route we have chosen is slightly longer, but passes across a vast unspoiled area. Distance:18 km // Walking time: 6h30

Day 4 – Caprarola – Sutri

Again we disregard the official, crowded route in favour of an alternative mountain road. We walk on a ridge, discovering wide views on both sides in a rugged landscape of deep valleys and narrow gorges. Sutri is a charming town with an ancient well-preserved amphitheatre. Distance: 16 km // Walking time: 4h30

Day 5 – Sutri – Campagnano di Roma

At the exit of the town, do not miss the Madonna del Parto chappel, an ancient pagan temple which was turned into a Christian church and host some very interesting frescoes representing pilgrims walking. Past midway, a small detour will lead to the Monte Gelato waterfalls. Distance: 26,5 km // Walking time: 7h00

Day 6 – Campagnano di Roma – Isola Farnese

The most important sights of this day are the Madonna del Sorbo Sanctuary and Veio, an Etruscan archaeological site which is, however very poorly kept and run down. La Storta is a suburb of Rome and as such is not particularly interesting actually quite unpleasant. We therefore prefer to spend the night in a small hamlet perched on a cliff 5 km before. Distance: 21 km // Walking time: 5h00

Day 7 – Isola Farnese – Rome

Walking into a large capital city is a difficult undertaking, however we have managed to avoid most of the traffic ridden Via Trionfale walking through two major parks: the Insugherata and Mt Mario park. Distance: 25 km // Walking time: 5h30

Day 8 – End our service

You made it to Rome!!


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